Get Organized Workshop*

Puja had the pleasure to administer a lecture in hopes to help those who attended become more organized. The lecture was held at the lovely Desmond Campus at Mount Saint Mary College.

The turn out was great and the participants seemed blown away by the information they were receiving during the discussion. The lecture closely focused on her book designed to help manage medical visits and paperwork: 

My Health & Wellness Organizer.

Puja explains the ways the Health and Wellness Organizer can be used 

The participants provided wonderful inquiries and feedback to better be prepared for organizing their future paperwork. The book is comprehensive and covers topics such as a personal "yellow pages" and how to manage insurance, bills and legal records.

Participants were thankful for the well structured information they had at their fingertips that would help them become more organized. "It was spectacular - over the top!" Eleanor Sugerman says when asked if the content of the book was satisfactory.

Puja takes questions and engages in discussion

If you're interested in possibly purchasing the book or want to find more information about it you can visit the

Roots & Wings


Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings