Rejuvenation Break: Quality Alone Time

Among the many challenges facing you is the need to "be" not only to "do." By putting aside periods each day to slow down, you will be able to give yourself the opportunity to become more fully aware of what you are actually experiencing from moment to moment. 

Quality time for "being," can open the door to your heart and your own ways of knowing. 

Here are some tips from my book


 that will improve the way in which you spend alone time:

  • While at home, turn off the telephone, your cell phone, TV and computer
  • When you wish to have uninterrupted time for something you love to do, hang a sign on the door handle, saying: "Please do not disturb"
  • Look for a place or several different places in your neighborhood to sit or walk without intrusion
  • Think about the rhythm of your week. Are there natural breaks in your schedule where you can put aside routine tasks? There's great wisdom in the ancient practice of taking a complete day of rest every seventh day
  • Become involved with a group that has little or nothing to do with the stress you have to go through daily. Sometimes it helps to change perspective and consciousness by changing the environment

It may be difficult to carve out time for yourself when you are caught up in the many activities and worries that consume your week, but it is a lifeline to health. Create your own wellness prescription by experimenting with the suggestions that appeal to you and you may feel better because of it. 

Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings