Get Organized Workshop*

Puja had the pleasure to administer a lecture in hopes to help those who attended become more organized. The lecture was held at the lovely Desmond Campus at Mount Saint Mary College.

The turn out was great and the participants seemed blown away by the information they were receiving during the discussion. The lecture closely focused on her book designed to help manage medical visits and paperwork: 

My Health & Wellness Organizer.

Puja explains the ways the Health and Wellness Organizer can be used 

The participants provided wonderful inquiries and feedback to better be prepared for organizing their future paperwork. The book is comprehensive and covers topics such as a personal "yellow pages" and how to manage insurance, bills and legal records.

Participants were thankful for the well structured information they had at their fingertips that would help them become more organized. "It was spectacular - over the top!" Eleanor Sugerman says when asked if the content of the book was satisfactory.

Puja takes questions and engages in discussion

If you're interested in possibly purchasing the book or want to find more information about it you can visit the

Roots & Wings


Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings

How To Organize Your Medical Paperwork*

Disorganization is hazardous to your health.

Good record keeping is essential, especially when you are faced with a health challenge.

Puja Thomson will be giving a practical workshop in which you will learn how to use her organization tools in order to simplify and track your record keeping. What matters is that you can find everything without fuss or stress, s

ave lots of time and contribute to your sanity

and health. 

Puja will provide tools and tips such as:

  • How to create your personal "yellow pages"
  • How to make personal support and treatment decisions
  • How to make the most of your medical appointments. ex. preparing detailed questions in    advance and following up after appointments
  • How to organize your bills, insurance and legal records
  • How to keep your resources and information

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, November 18th at the Desmond Campus of Mount Saint Mary's College, 6 Albany Post Road, Newburgh, NY 12550 from 1:00 - 3:30 PM.

Prior registration is requested by calling Mount Saint Mary's College at 845-565-2076. Material fee; $12 payable to instructor for the documents you will be receiving.

Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings

Organization Through An Intern's Eyes*

Recently I had the pleasure to attend Puja's organization workshop and I had an interesting experience. I'm a senior and at 22 years old, most people my age aren't as concerned about their health as they should be. I had not a clue all of the steps necessary to effectively manage your medical paperwork before attending this workshop.

Puja went through her Health and Wellness organizer workbook which thoroughly outlines the steps necessary to manage documents and handle doctors appointments. I'm just now beginning the time of my life where I have to keep account of these things if I want to be on top of my health for years to come. Puja highlights six categories designed to help better organize yourself.

The yellow pages section discusses how to effectively organize your emergency and medical contacts. Including directory style contact list and steps outlining how to use it, this can be a time saver.

The next section informs you how to make medical decisions including how to reach out to those you'd like to include in your support system. I thought this section made it easier for you to access information you may need but may slip your mind when faced with medical emergencies. 

The third part in the organizer focuses on teaching you how to access your medical appointments. Visiting the doctor can sometimes be overwhelming and you may not always be ready to ask the appropriate questions. This section focuses on having a plan before you go into your appointment. 

Puja outlines the best methods to be used when following up with your doctor after your appointments. I didn't know this was an important step and the organizer sheds light on how that process can be effective. 

Steps on how to effectively organize bills, insurance and medical records. Puja outlines the best way to manage these materials and how to store them. I found that it was much easier than I would think and would help with later confusion.

And lastly "my reference library" focuses on how to organize research and materials needed that you may need for future reference.

The Health & Wellness organizer is perfect for someone like myself who is not experienced with organizing but values the importance of having important documents placed away efficiently. Having this information and workbook gives me a head start making me more confident on doctors visit. 

If you would like to order to Health & Wellness organizer for you or someone you love, you can visit the Roots & Wings website here:

Roots & Wings

Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings

Preparing for a Medical Appointment

"The more you prepare for health-related appointments, the more you will get out of them. While it is normal to feel overwhelmed, being well prepared will build your confidence. It is helpful to list in advance all the questions you wish to ask, whether your appointment is an initial consultation or a follow-up visit at any stage along the way."

And remember, "Don't go it alone" Take someone with you, unless your appointment is a routine physical when you don't expect any results at the time...

You can have your health history, and your questions all ready for your visit if you fill out these pages in  "My Health & Wellness Organizer: An easy guide to manage your healthcare - and your medical records".

Preparing for a Medical Appointment