Rejuvenation Break: Be Open to Creativity

Whether you appreciate the beauty  others have created or create beauty as an expressive outlet for your own imagination, it is now known that such activities have great nurturing power.

Through creativity you can become more aware and connected to the beauty or wonder of the world - and yourself. Your creativity need not be beautiful, artistic or perfect. Many people enjoy the sensation of molding clay, mixing colors together with wet pain or playing their favorite instrument.

Here are some tips from my book


 that can help you become more open to creativity:

  • Remember a hobby or some kind of creativity you enjoyed as a child. Let yourself play with that again in the spirit of a child
  • Find a creativity group you'd enjoy in which you will learn something new
  • Play waltz music and allow it to open your heart. If you can, dance
  • As you listen to classical music allow it to flow right into you and the areas of your body that are most in need of healing   
  • Every day choose some colored crayons and let your hands freely express your mood
  • Sing along to the  music that you love

Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings