A Student Intern Finding Balance

As a fourth year college student, soon-to-be grasping my diploma in hand, I am at a point in my life where everyday is a struggle to find balance. I am caught at a constant crossfire as my agenda piles up with what seems like an endless amount of work while I try to enjoy the time pegged as ‘best years of my life.’ I often find myself giving in too much to one side and failing to meet the bare minimum for the other. Whether it be school, work, health, or any of life’s obstacles, I know many find themselves in the same predicament.

It was about a week ago when I laid down in shavasana pose at my first yoga class. This was my attempt to reconcile this angst of instability. I listened to my instructor's voice as she softly spoke, “the only requirement for tonight is that you breathe.” For the first time in a while, I focused solely on my breathing and left my mind at ease, away from both the work and the play. I'm not sure if I'll become a regular yoga attendee but I definitely found solace in the moments of meditation where I managed my breathing rather than my schedule.

If you’re like me, forever struggling to find a happy medium, you have some options at your disposal. In order to find what works for you, I recommend delving into Puja Thomson’s upcoming book titled Track Your Truth.

Below is an example of what Puja Thomson is offering you through Track Your Truth:

“There is always a tipping point where you will lose your balance if you lean too much in any direction to the left, right, back, or front. It is easy to notice when you lose your physical balance. But losing your mental, emotional, or spiritual balance is perhaps harder to notice when you are no longer centered in yourself. And imbalances come in many ways, such as hidden or blatant addiction- indulging in obsessive thoughts, wallowing in emotional negativity, abusing substances such as alcohol, engaging in repetitive actions like excessive cleaning or feeding a sense of spiritual self-righteousness. Over-using what you perceive as strength and avoiding the use of a weaker part of yourself may also lead to increasing imbalance. Similarly, stay glued to what you perceive as your perfectly balanced, comfortable place won’t work either.”

Written by Roots & Wings Intern Samantha Scaglione