Rejuvenation Break: Taking A Hike*

Now that Daylight Savings has come this past weekend, we have a limited amount of time before the winter season rolls around bringing with it limited opportunities to explore nature comfortably.

One of the best ways of maximizing your time outdoors before you are no longer able to, is by taking a hike. Being engulfed in the beautiful colors of autumn while breathing in the fresh brisk air surrounding you, will send you into a state of peace and tranquility. 

There are a number of great hiking destinations in the Hudson Valley area including 

Mohonk Mountain House


Lake Minnewaska

. Both areas offer vast views of the mountains surrounding them with a variety of different trails available for all kinds of skill sets.

Here's a list of things you may consider of you intend on taking a hike:

  • Wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty
  • Bring your lunch and plenty of water to drink
  • Plan to spend 3+ hours as most trails tend to be long
  • Bring cash with you. Most worthwhile hikes aren't free
  • Be sure to have your camera fully charged. You'll want to see this again later!
  • Don't forget to stop, breath and take in your surroundings
  • You can go alone or with a group but make those who come along are ready to adventure

Taking a hike can be a rejuvenating experience, especially during the beautiful fall season. Get out before the snow starts to fall before it becomes impossible to do so.

Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings