SUNY New Paltz Career Fair

I had the pleasure to attend a career fair this week at SUNY New Paltz with the hopes to find interns who wish to find more experience in the publishing world. I got a chance to speak with a number of students with an array of talents from editing to graphic design.

It is always a treat to be on the New Paltz campus as I am able to connect with a variety of different people, in an effort to spread awareness of the importance of health and wellness.

My current intern Altimont and I

Curious students asking questions 

Overall it was a great turnout as many students seemed interested in learning more about the positive influence health and wellness can have on your life. I'm thankful for any opportunity I get to interact with the community of New Paltz and I look forward to contacting students to intern.

Written by Altimont Parker, SUNY New Paltz Intern for Roots & Wings