There are many ways one can “walk” a labyrinth

On a recent glorious Friday morning, our women's wellness group gathered to walk the Roots & Wings Labyrinth. We did this in such a beautifully unhurried contemplative way --

Later that same day,

I was inspired to do some weeding and path-mulching , when at least 5 young neighborhood kids zoomed down Ramah Lane on their bikes, and called across ,asking to ‘walk’ the labyrinth (they were introduced to it by one of their mothers before).

They did it their way  with such joie de vivre and spontaneity, running fast follow-the-leader style most of the time, heads held high, hair streaming, and high-fiving each other without stopping when passing in opposite directions, with at least a two of them  doing a few cartwheels as they made their way to the center. There they all sat down on the grass in a circle, heads bent  towards each other. Then they came running across to me, asking to make a phone call  to a parent...

I wish I had had a video camera!! Perhaps they caught some of our vibes from the morning!  It was certainly a beautiful reminder of the many ways one can “walk” the labyrinth.

AN: While this Labyrinth is no longer open, you can google local labyrinths in your area.