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Reviews of Puja's My Health & Wellness Organizer

"What an amazing and useful tool Puja Thomson has created! I feel this will be an immense help to any patients and families with a new diagnosis. This easy to follow system will reduce much stress and confusion as they prepare for their healing journey."

~ Lauren Vigna MD, Family Medicine Doctor, First Care, Highland, NY and a U.S. News Top Doctor

"I wholeheartedly recommend this excellent patient guide as you navigate your journey to health and well-being."

~ Dr. Kenneth Harris, DC, Director of Waldwick Wellness Center

"After my own hospitalization and a long illness, managing my records was overwhelming. My Health & Wellness Organizer helped me create order, even when it was difficult to focus. Its workbook-like format provides so many detailed tips, questions to ask, and useful forms to fill out. I deal daily with families of patients in critical care and I have no doubt that this exceptional resource will benefit those who may be making healthcare decisions for an ill or incapacitated parent, partner or child."

~ Martha Rossi-Novak, RN, CCRN, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Montefiore Medical Center

"…By using this powerful road map to organize your information and resources, you can create clarity out of chaos, and focus on healing. Allow this book to support your health and simplify your life."

~ Jason Elias MA, LMT, L.Ac, Dipl. OM, and author of Feminine Healing, The A to Z Guide to Herbal Remedies and Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity