My Health & Wellness Organizer

My Health & Wellness Organizer:  An easy guide to manage your healthcare—and your medical records is perfect for patients, families, caregivers and for health professionals to offer their patients. Suitable for any health concern, it offers you:

Clarity — Essential questions to ask • Easy-to-fill-out pages • Have info where you can find it • An effective format to chart your choices

Empowerment — Step-by-step tools • Practical encouragement • Guidance to make important medical decisions • Less stress

ISBN 978-1-928663-12-6

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My Health & Wellness Organizer, see below for description of options and to order or order on Amazon.

This organizer comes in four versions:

• Paperback Book: 8½ x 11, 3-hole-punched, perforated pages; easy to use as a workbook and/or transfer to your own binder. $19.95
• Unbound Pages: Entire text, 3-hole-punched and shrink-wrapped; ready for your binder. $17.95
• E-book: Complete - in PDF format. $7.95; for immediate download. After your $7.95 + tax is received, you will be emailed the security code to unlock your digital copy of this book.
• Custom-Made Binder: ROOTS & WINGS will provide a binder including the entire text of My Health & Wellness Organizer along with dividers, labels, sheet protectors and more. Saves you time and energy. $34.95

* All versions include a free PDF of extra fill–in pages. To request your free PDF, please email Puja and include your name, email, phone number, date of purchase. If you received this organizer as a gift, please include the details.