My Hope & Focus Cancer Organizer


My Hope & Focus Cancer Organizer: Manage Your Health and Ease Your Mind, specifically designed for cancer patients and their families, helps simplify, sort, and organize all aspects of a cancer experience, and offers:

Hope — Maximize positive outcomes and minimize stress with step-by-step guidance •  Practical encouragement • Empowerment to make decisions.

Focus — Essential questions to ask •  Cancer-specific forms • Simple format to chart your choices • Useful tips to organize your paperwork.

ISBN 978-1-928663-11-9

Awards & recognitions: (Revised and Expanded Fall 2013)
* USA Best Books Award WInner  
* National Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist  
* International Book Awards Finalist 

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This organizer comes in four versions:

• Paperback Book: 8½ x 11, 3-hole-punched, perforated pages; easy to use as a workbook and/or transfer to your own binder. $19.95
• Unbound Pages: Entire text, 3-hole-punched and shrink-wrapped; ready for your binder. $17.95
• E-book: Complete - in PDF format. $7.95; for immediate download. After your $7.95 + tax is received, you will be emailed the security code to unlock your digital copy of this book.
• Custom-Made Binder: ROOTS & WINGS will provide a binder including the entire text of My Hope & Focus Cancer Organizer along with dividers, labels, sheet protectors and more. Saves you time and energy. $34.95

* All versions include a free PDF of extra fill–in pages. To request your free PDF, please email Puja and include your name, email, phone number, date of purchase. If you received this organizer as a gift, please include the details.