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Advanced Reviews of Puja's Track Your Truth

Puja Thomson shows us that each person is an orchestra linking body with mind and spirit. She offers a detailed path to create change and harmony. This is a book to savor.

Jacqueline Sheehan, New York Times Bestselling author of The Comet's Tale: A Novel About Sojourner Truth and other books. www.jacquelineSheehan.com

Puja Thomson has written a thoughtful, encouraging and engaging book designed to help people increase their authenticity and take charge of their lives. In fifteen chapters of friendly advice and individual suggestions for action, she has developed a comprehensive set of ideas about making personal, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual changes. Her Explorations are carefully developed, intriguing, and sensitively crafted to help individuals consider and make changes they want to undertake. Using her wide experience, she has incorporate examples from her personal life and other person’s stories, which illuminate the complex ideas in the book. It is a must for anyone who wants to understand and make changes to their lives.

Dr. Fred Mayo, Clinical Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, New York University, Author of Modern American Manners: Dining Etiquette for Hosts and Guests

Puja Thomson has given us a warm, loving, clear guide for getting and staying on track with ourselves. Track Your Truth is filled with stories, research, and specific tools and exercises that help us gain access to the wisdom we all have within. Puja brings us on a journey through all of our senses, where truth is often hidden in plain sight. [This is a book I'll come back to when I've fallen off track and need a loving, gentle reminder of the way back home to myself.]

Sharon Rosen, Author of Crazy World, Peaceful Heart, healer, mindful living guide, www.heartofselfcare.com

Puja’s suggestions have a way of urging me to reveal more of my authentic self. I find myself becoming more aware of how to let go of old habits like procrastination. More and more I set aside time to detect, reflect and then commit to only what I can follow through with.

Johanna Bard – Your Hudson Valley Organizer, www.yhvo.com

This wonderful book teaches us to go inward instead of outward to find truth. As we learn to trust our experience, we delve into the greatest Source available—ourselves.

Harrison Barritt, Teacher and Musician

Puja Thomson's new book , TRACK YOUR TRUTH – Discover Your Authentic Self, offers a path towards a loving integration of body, mind and spirit, exploring the energies within, and outside, of us.  Beginning with the rediscovery of one's body as a friend, she uncovers the gifts of the whole person, whom we often ignore at our own peril.

Jerry Sander, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Bioenergetics therapist.

Puja’s book is an excellent tool for self exploration and healing.

John M Carroll, Healer www.johnmcarrollhealer.com

"Wow! This book covers a lot of ground! ‘Track Your Truth’ is a comprehensive and holistic user’s manual that supports you in reclaiming power over your own life. Puja Thomson distills key wisdom traditions for us and links them to modern science, helping us track our own truth through our own senses and inner authority. You'll learn how to tune into the continuous wisdom that comes through your body, and tune out the outer messages that can fragment you energetically. Practical exercises every step of the way help you slow down and recover your center in a world that is moving far too fast."

Amy McTear, Author of We Need You, A Call To An Imaginal Reality www.amymctear.com

"Track Your Truth is a wonderful book… and a wonder-full opportunity for self-discovery!  Throughout these pages, Puja offers insights and examples as she invites readers to explore “Head, Hand, Heart, and Hunch.”  Each chapter presents suggestions for “Explorations” that are accompanied by Puja’s thoughtful commentary.  Track Your Truth provides a framework for learning how to direct energy towards wellness, authenticity, and personal growth. It is mindfully and beautifully written… it is truly a pleasure to have this book as a companion to support the moment-to-moment choices and adventures of being fully present in one’s own life!"

Nina Smiley, Ph.D. Co-author of The Three Minute Meditator and Mindfulness in Nature, and Director of Mindfulness Programming at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. www.mohonk.com