Individual Counseling & Energy Balancing

Contact Puja to book a session when you are experiencing a challenge or change in your life. Her holistic approach honors the interconnection of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Healing Retreats

Roots & Wings offers an innovative program for individuals or couples, offering guidance and privacy in comfortable accommodations with professional support for:

  •     Regeneration in turmoil
  •     Renewal to experience the joys of life
  •     Contemplation to center more deeply
  •     Recuperation from illness/care-giving
  •     Inner work to capture the essence of who you are

For the focus of your healing retreat, you may choose:

RELAXATION AND INNER CALM - for stress relief, centering, and regeneration when you are busy, overwhelmed, scattered or depleted; or recovering from illness or extensive care-giving.

RECONNECTING TO LOVE - helps you open your heart more fully to yourself and others, to be in touch again with the innocence and joy of life.

SPIRITUAL RENEWAL - facilitates inner awakening to the essence of who you are.

YOUR OWN SPECIAL CREATION – create your focus, with Puja’s guidance, for example to celebrate a special event or anniversary.

Contact Puja to discuss your needs and preferred focus for your retreat. The cost of professional services for consultation, massage etc., based on an hourly rate, will be added to your accommodation bill.