Wellness Services

Individual Counseling & Energy Balancing

Contact Puja to book a session when you are experiencing a challenge or change in your life. Her holistic approach honors the interconnection of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Replenishing energy balancing is deeply relaxing. The healer’s touch, channeling a strong balanced current of “Life-force” or “energy” or “chi” works wonders even while the person remains fully clothed (No use of oils)

A Bach Flower Consultation, leads to the selection of appropriate Essences. Dr. Bach’s essences are among the world’s best- known natural stress relief remedies, especially Rescue Remedy.

Tools for Wellness - In recent decades, the link between mind and body had been clearly validated. You may choose to experience and learn how to use one of the many ways to help you harmonize your body, mind, emotions and spirit, such as guided imagery and meditation.   

A Roots & Wings Life Changes Consultation helps you recognize where you are “stuck” in your life and will help you take steps to welcome change – for individuals and couples.