CROC's Tent at the Pine Bush Relay For Life Event

GO to’s Facebook page) for lots more pictures of the CROC (Citizens Re-united to Overcome Cancer) tent at the Pine Bush Relay for Life Event -thanks to photographer Dan Hendrickson

Scroll down and enjoy. Many thanks to Denise Serrano-Eanelli and Dr. Tom Eanelli and all the CROC volunteers. They put in a power of work to make it happen.

I’ve contributed in the past by speaking at a couple of meetings held at Franco Di Roma Restaurant in Middletown NY who provided delicious Italian food, so it was a real pleasure to be asked to speak at the CROC Tent at the Relay for Life Fundraiser in Pine Bush on the 11th. Under Dr E.’s original leadership, they have created a very caring heart – centered support group for cancer patients and their families. Denise was a delight to connect with too as we prepared for the event, not to mentions old friends such as Mary Andreozzi and others.

There may have been lots of loud music and very high energy with it seemed like thousands at the event , but the CROC tent was an oasis of peaceful energy offering chair massage  and other services that bore out the theme of my talk, which was -- that to heal the body you need to listen to it, take care of it  and follow the clues it gives you  when you are out of balance, emotionally, mentally and, spiritually, as well as physically! Don’t wait till it screams at you in pain of one kind or another...