Top Ten Things to do at Roots & Wings’ Country Getaway

AN: The Roots & Wings Country Getaway is now closed. Contact the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce for other options. You can apply these ideas anywhere!

At Roots & Wings’ Country Getaway in New Paltz, NY, you can replenish the body, quiet the mind and rejuvenate the soul in an enchanting landscape. Your host Puja Thomson will welcome you warmly. Take advantage of the opportunities for healing and adventure at Roots & Wings’ Country Getaway in all seasons.

Here’s what we recommend.

1. Treat yourself!

 Roots & Wings encourages you to relax. At Roots & Wings' Country Getaway, you can book a massage, a hands-on-healing session for energy balancing, a Bach flower essence consultation, and enjoy the sauna. Puja Thomson is a counselor, healing facilitator, educator and minister of natural healing in the Healing Light Center Church.

2. Walk the Labyrinth

Labyrinths are based on ancient geometric patterns considered sacred. Labyrinths are used by many cultures and spiritual traditions to bring discovery, insight, peace and happiness. The Roots & Wings labyrinth is open year-round, weather permitting. Walking the Labyrinth can help you reconnect with nature, earth’s energy and yourself.

3. Meditate

Enjoy the relaxing environment and natural beauty of your Country Getaway at Roots & Wings.  You can sample guided imagery and meditation CDs while you rekindle your inner balance. OM!

4. Turn your Getaway into a healing retreat

Take advantage of Roots & Wings’ health and consultation services offered for individuals or couples in a private, comfortable setting with professional support.

5. Personalize your Country Getaway

Connect with Puja Thomson to plan a retreat that meets your needs. Focus your energy on: Relaxation and Inner Calm, Reconnecting to Love, Spiritual Renewal, or craft your own focus with Puja’s support.

6. Get moving! 

Roots & Wings is nestled at the foot of the Shawangunk Mountains, a beautiful landscape excellent for hiking, biking, swimming, cross-country skiing and horseback riding. The “Gunks” are famous for world-class rock climbing. Roots & Wings is only two miles from the Mohonk Preserve Visitors’ Center, and five miles from Minnewaska State Park. The Walkway Over the Hudson is a newer attraction in the Mid Hudson Valley that offers an excellent view of the Hudson River and Hudson Highlands.

7. Explore New Paltz 

New Paltz is a charming and historic college town with restaurants and shopping galore. Perfect for antiquing, only seven miles from Roots & Wings.

8. Check out the Shawangunk Wine Trail

Enjoy nine family owned wineries nestled between the Shawangunk Mountains and the Hudson River. Taste fine wines made in the tradition of the early French Hugenots and Walloons who settled in the valley over three hundred years ago.

9. Have an adventure! 

Nearby hang gliding, skydiving and parachuting venues offer gorgeous views and adrenaline rushes for the daring.

10. Take time for you! 

Pause your busy life and focus on your needs, whether that means being active, or taking time to breath. Roots & Wings Country Getaway is a peaceful environment with opportunities for personal transformation, insight and spiritual renewal. 

12 Ramah Lane New Paltz, NY

Written by Cynthia Stewart for Roots & Wings